The cost of living crisis will change interiors

Displays of extravagance and luxury will be seen as in poor taste, this will filter down into all our homes.

By: Sarah Lancaster
Published: 7:21 PM, Apr 14, 2022

Rustic Kitchen
Photo by Oleksandr Kurchev on Unsplash

The cost of living crisis has been all over the news and nothing that is being written or spoken about on the matter gives me any comfort. Inflation is now up at 7% and we know full well wages won't follow.

Everything we need to live on will cost more and everything we want to add in to give us a little bit of luxury will just be that bit more out of reach.

We are fully braced for the next few years being difficult.

But what will be interesting is how popular culture adapts. We love to look at Instagram and see how the other half live, but when things are hard that visual imagery will be dropped by smart influencers.

The elites know how it is poor taste to flaunt luxury, expect to see these people switch to stories of helping out at soup kitchens and dog shelters. Not in front of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Also the average cycle to buy new furniture and decorate will be extended, sofas that might have been dumped will get a few extra years, even after they are burst in certain areas.

So what will this mean for home decor?

Throws, lots of throws. They will be everywhere next year. I expect interior decorating magazines to be wall to wall throws in next spring.

Also think about carpets, we will not want to rip them up as they keep the heat in but the expected wear will need to be hidden. So rugs again will be in next year.

And now think of the color schemes? If you don't remember the 70s then walls were brown, a lot. It was to do with wanting to get back to nature, but it's a cheaper colour to make so again I expect a lot of brown to be running across walls next year.

Also in the 70s people were a bit more used to living with wear and tear. Patches on jumpers, vegetables in the garden.

High gloss, high sheen. Gone, everything like that will be replaced with natural materials. Plastics will cost more now that oil is on the up, so wood will return.

By the time we get out of this economic cycle out living environments will look very different.

But I for one am looking forward to this age of nature.